MARCUS CROPORATIONS Our Services Marcus Logistic Box Manufacturing Oil Refineries Marcus Mining Group Top 10 corporation Cumpany. first time in MLM India lounch Marc-PAY walllet card DAILY BANK TRANSFER Package with service tax- 1) 3450Rs - ROI.40Rs/daily 2) 10350Rs - ROI.150Rs/ daily 3) 31050Rs - ROI.500Rs/ daily 4) 93150Rs - ROI.1650Rs/ daily (1)double income (booster ROI) 30Rs TO 1200Rs/daily (2) promotional income(ROI). (3) direct income 5%. (4)binary 10% . Earn daily up to 1-lac on single id Bank proof -legal back office in india Power line & One side booster create - 08482940323

Contact No8482940323

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