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Welcome To MyDial India’s 1st LED Hording Concept ISO Certified WTC World Trade Center Member Company Give You Chance To Earn Legally See Full Details https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNnYPNdPe6I 1st PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM 4 Types PARTNERSHIP PACKAGE 7000+28%GST(1960)=8960 (7 BV) 21000+28%GST(5880)=26880 (21 BV) 49000+28%GST(3720)=62720 (49 BV) 105000+28%GST(29400)=134400 (105 BV) 5 TYPES INCOME Direct REFERRAL Bonus 10% Sales Matching Bonus 10% Club Bonus Group Level Royalty Led Screen Bonus For Registration http://www.mydial.biz/registration.asp?mcode=Radhekrishna Placement - (Right) For More Info. Call :- Mr. Suraj Das (+91) 9175747851

Contact No09175747851

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